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Testimonials: Testimonials

My husband had a serious brain injury resulting in nearly nine months in hospital and losing the ability to eat and drink.  He had lots of treatments to help his swallowing return, but they weren't successful.  I came across Phagenyx and we decided to try it - to our joy, it was successful!  After a few months, he had a stroke and was, again, unable to eat and drink.  After six months, we tried the treatment again.  It worked again!  He has now been eating and drinking for two years.  I can't overdo how my husband's ability to eat and drink again has added quality of life and happiness to us both.  We can live a normal life like going for a meal with friends, going on holiday or even just for a coffee.  My husband had lots of help with swallowing, was in rehab for many months, yet it didn't help him at all.  We were told it was very unlikely he would ever be able to eat again.  Without Phagenyx and Leanne and Louise, that could well have been the case.

I'm so grateful we discovered Leanne and Louise.  I hadn't eaten or drunk anything for around six months since having a stroke.  It felt like there was nothing left to try.  They were wonderful - thorough and knowledgeable and explained everything clearly.  They really care about the people they help, often calling to check how I was doing.  I'm now eating and drinking almost normally and no longer have my feeding tube.  They're very special people!

I can't quite believe it!  I didn't think I'd ever eat or drink again, though always hoped it would be possible.  Professional throughout.  It sounds dramatic, but being able to eat and drink makes life worth living again.  I'll be forever grateful - thank you so much!

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